About Giuseppe Arrighi

Born in Maleo, Province of Lodi Italy, in 1965.
Technical Diploma with experience in a multinational company in the industrial cleaning field.
After some local photography courses he has dedicated himself to wedding photography since 1995.
In 1999 he becan taking part in courses for specialization in editorial photography held by Fabrizio Pavesi thereby taking the first steps in photoreporting and consequently discovering a new photographic language which would influence all of his work.

His photographs have been published in Lodi's newpaper "Il Cittadino", Akuna Matata's communications Acencies in Bergamo, Geko Communication in Milan and magazines:
Isole&Isole, Il Buon Vino, Barche e Gommoni, Il Gommone, Visto, Oggi, Orobie, Partiamo.

Today he is a frelance photographer.